Municipality Haarlem

For and about this city, I create videos, articles, interviews and help with other online communication. The videos and articles are used on the social media channels, website, newsletters and/or internal platform. Some examples are below.

Videos for social media and the website

Video social distancing during coronacrisis

Video for social media (facebook) to encourage people to stay home during the corona lockdown and show them the beauty of the city while the streets are empty.

Watch the video below or on the facebook page of the city of Haarlem.

We houden vol in Haarlem ­čĺ¬ #alleensamen krijgen we corona onder controle!

We houden vol in Haarlem ­čĺ¬ #alleensamen krijgen we corona onder controle!

Geplaatst door Gemeente Haarlem op Donderdag 9 april 2020

Video Carillon request songs during coronacrisis

During the lockdown people can request a song played on the carillon of the Bavokerk in Haarlem. (facebook)

Watch the videos on the facebook page of the city of Haarlem or below.

Video for partnercity Osnabr├╝ck

Haarlem has a partnership with the city of Osnabr├╝ck in Germany and the city of Angers in France. Usually they visit eachother every year, but because of the coronapandemic this isn’t possible this year. The mayor of Osnabr├╝ck sent a video message to us instead and this is the answer video of the mayor and city of Haarlem.

Watch the videos on the facebook pages of the city of Osnabr├╝ck or the St├Ądtepartnerschaftsb├╝ro Osnabr├╝ck or below.

Videobotschaft Jos Wienen

Im Juni hat Osnabr├╝cks Oberb├╝rgermeister Wolfgang Griesert eine Videobotschaft an die Partnerst├Ądte gesandt. Nun kam ein Antwortvideo aus Haarlem zur├╝ck. Der dortige Amtskollege Jos Wienen ├╝bermittelt in dem Video Gr├╝├če an alle Osnabr├╝cker B├╝rgerinnen und B├╝rger.

Geplaatst door St├Ądtepartnerschaftsb├╝ro Osnabr├╝ck op Woensdag 26 augustus 2020

Video ‘children’s mayor and children’s counsil’

For the first time in Haarlem a counsil of children and an 11-year old children’s mayor are chosen and they took the oath. This video is about the official ceremony which was different, because of the corona-restrictions. More about this on the website of Haarlem and the Haarlem social channels: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

(Click on the links to see the video on the social media channels or read the article with the video on the website of Gemeente Haarlem).

Video exhibition Ecofield in ABC Haarlem

This video is about environment and planning of Haarlem and is shown at the exhibition Ecofield at the ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem.

Video ‘car-free street’

To promote and inform people on the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) about the project ‘car-free street’, I’ve made a video with an interview about a ‘car-free street’ and the people behind the project in Haarlem.

Read the article with the video on the website of Gemeente Haarlem here.